29 January 2021
Harriett offers support to disused railway green path project

West Worcestershire MP has offered her support to a project which aims to convert a disused railway into a dedicated pathway for cyclists, walkers and horse-riders.

The ‘green way’ stretching from Worcester to Leominster will restore the old railway line and become a tourist attraction. Harriett raised the plan during a question session with Department for Transport Ministers and asked if farmers will be able to access Government support to assist with the scheme.

The ambitious plan aims to link up with similar plans in Herefordshire creating a green pathway between Wales and Birmingham.

Harriett said: “I’m a huge fan of the Active Travel strategy and I’m keen to see Worcestershire County Council commit much more to helping cyclists and walkers get around west of the city.

“This impressive proposal will see a green way created though some of the most beautiful countryside in England and will be a draw for tourists as well as local people.

“This will need the active support of the farming community so I took the chance to question Transport Ministers about whether farmers would be able to get support for getting involved in this scheme.

“Active travel has increased dramatically during the pandemic and I hope that we can sustain and build on this activity as things return to normal.”