22 March 2021
Harriett urges County to investigate Powick road raising plan

MP Harriett Baldwin has called for action to improve the road and flood defences at the busy Powick roundabout.

Work continues to improve the Southern Link Road including the long-awaited doubling of the Carrington Road bridge and plans were confirmed this week for additional work along the road through this year.

Harriett has urged Worcestershire County Council to investigate a proposal to raise the road and local flood defences to protect the road from closure during serious flooding.

The county council, Environment Agency and the Powick flood action group have been meeting to consider a report which investigated why flood defences failed last year.

And Harriett called on the county council to develop a plan and bid for the Government’s ‘levelling up’ funding to deliver a scheme while work is ongoing at the site.

Harriett said: “I’ve kept in close contact with Powick people since the serious flooding last year and we’re all waiting to see the final report into why the flood defences were over-topped.

“The flooding also had a serious impact on the local road network at I’ve called for the Environment Agency to work with the local highways team to work out a plan which protects both the road and houses.

“The Chancellor set out the terms of the Levelling Up fund at the budget and I have repeated my call that it would seem logical to plan the work while there are already contractors on the ground.

“I’m happy to help to make the case to Ministers but this does need some speedy action from the county council to develop and bid to this new fund as soon as possible.”