19 April 2021
Network Rail to Review Malvern Link Rail Crossings

Network Rail is planning a safety assessment of Malvern Link’s pedestrian rail crossings as part of a county-wide review.

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin first shared her concerns about the foot crossings in Malvern in 2016 and this week Network Rail confirmed that it is planning to look at the two crossings around Lower Howsell Road as part of a review of level crossings.

Harriett wrote to Network Rail following a successful campaign to secure a new passenger footbridge in Pershore connecting the station to a brand-new car park.

Harriett said: “I was pleased with the positive way that Network Rail acted to secure a redundant footbridge for Pershore and with this in mind, I also asked it to investigate whether a similar solution could be adopted for Malvern Link.

“The foot crossings are used at all times of the day and I have had a long-standing concern that there could be a serious accident at one of these un-manned crossings.

“I am going to get a briefing on the Network Rail in due course and I am eager to see if there is a way that they can improve safety along this busy track.”