9 September 2021
Harriett Baldwin shows support for Afghan MPs

Harriett Baldwin urges people who are in contact with female Afghan MPs who are leaving Afghanistan to contact the Inter-Parliamentary Union of which she is the Chair of the British Group.

Harriett Baldwin (West Worcestershire) (Con)

Female Afghan MPs are particularly at risk. Many have decided, very sadly, to leave their own country. As a public service announcement, I want to say that the Inter-Parliamentary Union is working with other Parliaments to put together the complete list of those individuals. I thank the Minister’s noble Friend for offering me a meeting. I know that many colleagues will have heard from female Afghan MPs. If they could ensure that they reach out to me, as chair of the British group, to make sure we have sight of all the names, we will work with other Parliaments to ensure that when they are able to get out of the country there will be a range of different countries that will give them refuge.

James Cleverly (The Minister for the Middle East and North Africa)

We have worked extensively with countries in the region. I pay particular thanks to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, which have worked very hard on some specific cases that I have raised with them. I am very grateful for the point that my hon. Friend has made. We do very much prioritise women, who, as we have always known but are now reminded, are in particular danger under the new regime in Afghanistan.