23 September 2022
Harriett Baldwin welcomes support for renewable energy in Government’s Growth Plan

Harriett Baldwin welcomes the temporary support for households and businesses facing increasing energy bills and seeks assurances that the measures to support businesses will still allow incentives for investment in renewable energy to continue.

Harriett Baldwin (West Worcestershire) (Con)

President Putin has weaponised the cost of energy against western economies, and the measures announced today will provide welcome temporary support for our constituents during this terrible time of invasion. Can the Chancellor confirm that the measures to support business that he has announced today will also allow incentives for investment in renewable energy to continue, so that we never again allow Putin to weaponise energy against us?

Kwasi Kwarteng (The Chancellor of the Exchequer)

My hon. Friend has made an excellent point about renewables. It is always salutary for the House to be reminded that we have 11 GW—in fact, nearly 12 GW—of installed capacity of offshore wind, which makes us second only to China in terms of the offshore wind roll-out. There is no reason why we cannot continue to lead the world in offshore wind, solar, and other forms of renewable power.